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Master Ventriloquist; Don Gaylord Bryan

Don Bryan is widely acclaimed as one of the world's top ventriloquists working today. Recognized as a leading expert in the lost art of creating and carving ventriloquist dummies. 

In more than three decades of performing he has appeared on national television in Canada and the United States and performed in many fairs and festivals over the year.  He is currently a very popular variety performer on the cruise ship circuit throughout the world.

 With his innovative style, flawless timing and technique, makes him  one of the most accomplished ventriloquist to walk the stage since Edgar Bergen. He works with four characters, who in parts of the act are left alone on stage and still move and talk on their own, a unique presentation, that is both startling and very funny.  Working with the audience, he brings them into the show resulting in humorous situations, creating  gales of laughter from the crowd. 

Don's show can be geared and customized to a specific group.  Adults and children are entertained and   amazed at his skill.  This is a seasoned performer, Ventriloquism at its finest. 

The Book, Guess Who's Talking?

Learn the traditional art of ventriloquism and carving a ventriloquist dummy. Creating a character, developing material, stage craft and a lot of useful stuff  for the amateur or professional.  Don has over 47 years performance experience and built many characters for working professionals. The book is available on line from August 28/2017


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Don Bryan's  The book Guess Who's Talking? Will be available late August. 2017,  Prices to be confirmed for full colour or black and white editions.  Available now, DVDs of the performance $25.00 includes shipping . 


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Carving in progress. Work shop photos and detailed drawings of the carving process

Don's DVD currently available on line.


DVDs are available currently. The book will follow late August 2017. Send your preorder on line and we will save a copy for you, or you may order an e-book, optional.